Permissions and Roles for new Cubmaster

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Perhaps I am jumping the gun, but I was just registered as the new Cubmaster for the pack. I can see that I am currently listed on my scouting as the Cubmaster, but I can only see my son in IA and can not see any place to add to the unit calendar. I will add that the Cubmaster assignment only hit my scouting yesterday, so maybe I am being premature.

Additionally, when we advanced the pack to their next ranks, a bunch of empty dens were created, and I could not delete them. All the scouts have been moved to their appropriate dens, and no one is an orphan.

Finally, is there any place where I can see a list of actions and permissions for each registered position and what they can and can’t accomplish in Scouthbook and IA? For example, can I, as the Cubmaster, assign positions and functional roles, or does that need to be done by someone else? I consider myself somewhat tech-savvy and work midnights, and I wanted to help as much as possible since I do not find the computer work intimidating and have plenty of time to do the work during the day.

@DavidCollins6 - have you checked the dropdown in the upper right on

I can see the drop down, but it only gives me access to my scout


David Collins



@DavidCollins6 - no other options when you click on it


Do a hard refresh (SHIFT+REFRESH) to update your dropdown menu with your new role.

@DavidCollins6 looks like the position was added today - give it 24 hours


Thank you it appears like I’m just jumping the gun then.

I appreciate the fast response. If I have further issues, I will be sure to post. Everyone has been very helpful.

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