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Cub Scout Adventure Detailed Report- Condensed and formatted properly

I would like to request that Scoutbook add a feature for a detailed Cub Scout report for what adventures and requirements each scout has completed and what is missing. I am aware that we are able to go in and create a report similar to what I am asking for in the report builder. I have already done this. The issue I have is that when you run the report and export or print the report. The formatting will cause the report be on the left hand side of the page for an individual Cub Scout and it will take up several pages. I have run this report and exported it to Excel and then had to rearrange the columns to get the report to be able to print on 2 pages. It would really be helpful to Pack Leaders and parents to have a 2 page report showing all requirements for each rank and adventure with simple tI on information in one report without having to export and spend hours reformatting the page for each scout in a den or pack. We are already able to print a report that is a one pager showing every level possible the scout could obtain and has on one page. Have a report to show parents and den leaders what each scout is missing would be very helpful without having to go and spend additional time formatting the export in Excel.

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