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Table report for Den Progress

I would love to have a report for cub scouts that looked like an excel spreadsheet with scouts across the top and adventures for that rank down the side. It would be populated from the other data but give a nice over view of which scouts had finished which adventures. I am attaching a picture of the report we used to get in the previous program we used as an example.

That is Very easy to create using report builder

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Have you tried Report Builder recently? I had gone back to our old advancement tracking because last year when I tried to create an advancement report it looked great on the screen, but the pdf version was graphically lovely, but spread the kids in our den across three pages. It was just too unwieldy to be practical.
I just generated a report tonight and it’s completely different. Still has the option to show the icons for started/completed/awarded, but it’s much smaller and looks like what we’re used to from spreadsheet based trackers.

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