Cub scout appearing in email recipients

There is a single cub scout in our pack who is showing up, and is selectable, when composing a Scoutbook message. He is the only youth member that is appearing. I checked his profile thinking this may have had to do with an incorrect birth year but that does not appear to be the case. I also do not see an email address associated with his profile so I don’t believe his parents invited him to connect (the parent is invited but not connected anyway). I cannot find anything else that may explain this.

Can anyone help with what may cause this and how it can be resolved?

Any Scout that appears in the list when you try to send a message has been invited to Scoutbook by his/her parents. As a leader you will not see an e-mail address. The only way to know if the Scout has connected to his/her account is by the name appearing in the send message list.



I invited my son (9 years old) to get familiar with how this works. When I send a message via Scoutbook and only select him, the message only goes to him. I would expect that the message would be CC’d to at least the parents and possibly the den leader(s) but this does not appear to be the case. Is this the expected behavior? I do see that his outgoing messages do CC his mother and I. I could not seem to find any documentation describing how this works.


Odd. The system cc’d me and my wife on a test Scoutbook message I just sent to my son at the troop level. I thought that it might omit the step since I’m his parent, but it looks like the system took the most conservative approach and always cc’s the parents. I sent the message from My Dashboard → Messages → Send Message

I would check to see if it got caught in a spam filter or something similar. Obviously you’re connected to your Scoutbook account since you sent the message. Which path did you follow in Scoutbook to send the message?

I wouldn’t have an expectation that other leaders (e.g. DL) would be cc’d, since there’s no requirement that this be done (just that there is no one-on-one contact with youth) and would increase mail system overhead.

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I did this by going to the pack page and choosing “send message” from the bottom of the page. I did check for spam but don’t see it there either. I did request that his email be removed from his account and this was done for me. It doesn’t seem this is an appropriate option for cub scouts. Even with his email removed, I can still login with his credentials and have access to email all leaders and parents from the pack. My primary concern was regarding parents being cc’d. If you’re seeing it I’ll chalk it up to the desired behavior.

I can see this being a useful option for ranks above cub scout. Even being a responsible kid, we will likely not give our son access to this at his age.

Hrm. I tried the analogous route at the troop level, and got a cc there, as well. Strange that you’re not seeing it.

I tend to agree that most cub scouts aren’t ready for the responsibility of an email account. One thing we did was to create an email “tag” in a gmail account so that it was myEmail+SonsName @ gmail. It showed as a unique email address for my son to use to log in to Scoutbook so he could see his “stuff”. It also ensured that emails destined for him (typically den activity related) could be easily tagged using a filter on the inbound mail.

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