Cub Scout Badges Approval

How can a parent of a scout mark their own scout as “Leader approved” if not the den leader?

The BSA issued an exception due to COVID that allows parents of Cub Scouts to approve advancement for their children.

See the COVID FAQ for details.

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The exceptions are supposed to expire in March.

Only the scouts bsa advancement exceptions expire in March.

Ok, so is there any guidance for cub scout leaders to clarify their roles? I know cubbing is supposed to be 100% a family activity with the parents involved. Is there any additional guidance anywhere on where/how to handle this?

The Guide to Advancement clearly says Parents are main AKELA. We had one mom in pack that wanted every extra award and started to bring them in, so committee made a policy families buy extra awards outside of what is required; that pretty much solved it

Where does it say that? That is contradicted in of the guide to advancement. and nearly contradict each other - in reviewing GTA for the GTA Team in regards to Scoutbook we never looked at - cause in a cub book the parent would sign the book to show complete because they have no way to record with a book. In Scoutbook they can.
I would guess BSA based the Covid approval on - there used to be a paragragh that basically said for up to Bear if a parent said to was done - it was done and the den leader needs to award it, that paragraph is gone with the rewrite - in fact all references to AKELA are now gone

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Looks like we’re all adjusting to these “unprecedented” times. Is the guide to advancement on an annual life cycle? Could we expect this to get cleaned up by this time next year in the documents/sources?

The Guide to Advancement is updated on average every two to three years.

The COVID advancement changes are updated as the need arises. The most up to date version is here:

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