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Needs Approval report access

Is the “Needs Approval” report restricted to certain roles? At least one of our ASMs cannot. He is a patrol admin, and has full control for all the scouts in the troop, so I would have expected him to have access to this report. He can approve requirements as expected individually, but not in any of the report views.

I’m not sure if this is something I’m just overlooking, is designed not to behave how I’m expecting (I hope not!), or if it is a bug I should report. I’m hoping it’s the first option and is just a quick fix. If it’s a bug, I can take this over to that forum instead.


There is no “Needs Advancement” Report. There are Needs Approval, Needs Purchasing and Needs Awarding?

Sorry, momentary brain failure! “Needs Approval” is what I meant. I’ll edit the original post to avoid confusion.

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