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Cub Scout History Report missing data for 1 in de

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I am having a similar issue with scoutbook reports - trying to use this COVID19 school closure time so scouts can catch up at home - hard when their reports don;t match up with the screens - did you ever get a resolution? Super frustrated right now

Are you saying that the total Service / Hiking / Camping hours are all zero?

Or are you having another issue?

the hiking/ service and camping hours are all there - this cub scout is missing all the arrow of light requirements on the CS History Report. They are visible on his indivdual screen and on his brother’s report in the same den but don’t show up on his. It is maddening and the parents won’t be happy and I can’t blame them. All the kids in the den have completed these requirements together and this one boy’s info doesnt transfer onto the report

what year on the scouts advancement is AOL set too?

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