Cub scout is in roster on my.scouting but is missing from roster in Scoutbook

I had a parent back in April fill out the application online, and I think they did it wrong… so I have REMOVED with a member id of 13784935 in scoutbook.

On the roster in our my.scouting, REMOVED is showing with a member id of 13784937.

John is the scout and should be showing up in scoutbook but is not.

I have tried all the tips and tricks to update and sync the roster, worked with our council registrar and still not able to get John to show up in our roster in scoutbook.

I’ve also had two processed registration forms recently, a transfer, who is not showing up in scoutbook either but shows on my roster in my.scouting.

REMOVED member id13816748.

Could someone please advise what I am doing wrong? I’ve been using scoutbook for 8 years and never had so many issues with it as I have this year.

When I try to find these connections in “My Connections manager” I get the following error:

Scout was not found. Please verify the Scout is properly registered with a troop, crew or ship and try again.

But definitely seeing them on our roster.

13784937 - IS SET UP TO SYNC at 4 pm to get position - yes was probably the online application users have to Make a user (they are thinking for their scout) and it generates a new MID

13816748 is also set for a sync

Do you know what needed to change and if this happens again what do I need to ask folks to do differently or is there an easier way to resolve the sync issue? In the past when I accept an application it processes through within 24 hours.

Also thank you for updating my original question with “REMOVED” - I will note not to include personal information in the future.

On issue one it is sitting over parents doing online applications

Here is a helpful PDF to understand the process. MYST Application process.pdf (727.9 KB)

Issue 2 - I am not sure what happened

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