Scout in My Scouting Roster, but not Scoutbook

We have a scouting and Lion Adult showing in the roster, but after a week is not showing in the Scoutbook Roster. Thoughts? First time this has occurred, used to a couple day delay. I am unable to manually add with the my scouting BSA ID. When I try Scoutbook assigns a new BSA ID.

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When was their registration processed?

I assumed so as they did an online application, we accepted, the scout now has an ID and is in the roster. Is that how you would verify they are processed?

Normally, you’d check your my.scouting roster. What is the scout’s bsa member number (no names)?

Scout’s BSA ID is 14070214
Thank you!

Still not showing. Thoughts? Any help is appreciated.

This scout was deleted 1/6/22 - not sure how - I have restored and sync should clean it up this afternoon.


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