Cub Scout Rank Awards Falling off of a Purchase Order

Recently, I have had an issue where I navigate to the Needs Purchasing report for my Cub Scout pack, I add all items listed to a new PO, print the PO, print the advancement report, and close the PO. Then Scoutbook takes me back to the Needs Purchasing report. At this point it should show that nothing needs purchased. However, several (not all) of the ranks Scouts had earned still show as still needing purchased. To resolve the issue, I have to reopen the previously closed PO, re-add the missing rank items, save the PO, and then close the PO again.

Has this happened to anyone else?

@JeffreyJable is it only Ranks?

Yes, only Ranks. However, not all Ranks fall off of the PO. For example, my last pack PO had 69 total items which included 9 Tiger ranks, 2 Bear ranks, and 2 Webelos ranks. I believe I had 3 Tiger, 2 Bear, and 2 Webelos ranks fall off of the PO when I closed it.

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