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Scouts/Awards disappear from Purchase Order

I have noticed that Cub Scouts who move on to the Troop have their awards removed from old Purchase Orders. They still seem to be on the affiliated Advancement Report, as long as there were other awards for younger Scouts on the PO. I just made a PO for a single Cub’s awards before he goes to the Troop, and then moved him to the Troop. That closed purchase order now says “There are no items on this purchase order” and of course I cannot access that Advancement Report. It seems like the closed PO’s and the Advancement Report both are a “snapshot” and should not be dependent upon current membership. As Scouts age out of the Pack, early POs and reports will eventually be inaccessible. (I have saved a PDF of the inaccessible AR, after I moved the Scout back to the Pack a second time, and then to the Troop again. Most people are not Pack AND Troop admins and would not have this option.) I have not looked at old Troop PO’s and AR’s to see if they have the same problem.

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