Cub Scout Recognition Report only shows the Summary and doesn’t show details by scout

Thank you so much! I will monitor it in hopes they can fix it soon.

@JenniferOlinger - interesting find on the troop side of the recognition report is that is lists all cub awards including the tiger beads, arrow points…and many with the date 1/1/1900… back when I was in high school…

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Odd. It is supposed to exclude those…

@JenniferOlinger - that is what I thought… listed under special awards… so it looks like what is missing in the cub report as far as the all sorts showing all of those sorts is landing in scouts bsa… give it a try and see if you spot the same

What options do you have selected?

@JenniferOlinger - why did i think you would ask that… include awarded and include not awarded… and I would have gotten away with it if it were not for you meddling kids

on the left hand dates and I chose one month back from today

I came to report the same issue as Laura on the pack side. I’ve sorted by den since I took over 5 years ago. My purchase order and my recognition report are also no matching, my recognition report is only showing 105 total awards (counting whittling chip) my PO report is showing 143 (not counting WC, we only order the cards not the patch).

ref: PD-20231023063344-644152-949348 (if sorting by name)
ref: PD-20231023063501-110322-208786 (if sorting by all)

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Looks like my recognition report was mostly fixed when I tried it today, den heading locations aren’t exactly correct.

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