Crew Recognition Report

So it has been a while since we had any advancement in the Crew, but this quarter we had quite a bit. That is why I discovered that the Crew Recognition Report has a problem where it pulls random stuff from the past, in this case from Cub Scouts. Had one scout that it was pulling adventures from Webelos and another that was showing a Merit Badge (He is over 18) and a recruiter strip from early days of Boy Scouts. It was also showing the rank AWARDS that it was saying had not been awarded but looking at the RANKS were awarded.
The needs to be purchased report matched what I expected.

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What options did you use when you created the Recognition Report? It should only be reporting awards completed after the designated start date of the report and should not include anything marked awarded unless you select the option to include those marked awarded.

Ed agree that it should, but it didn’t. Giving it a start date it still pulled a few items from 2016. Also ran in to a problem where approving Crew advancement approved advancement in the troop even though it wasn’t selected or visible in the dialog. Having a issue recreating it now after I marked the advancement for the CoH as awarded, but it was there when I pulled the report earlier. I now have to go back and check everything that both the boys and the girls that are registered in Crew and the Troop to see what got approved that shouldn’t…

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