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Cub Scout World Conservation Award

We have a Scout who met the requirements for the World Conservation Award, but it wasn’t signed off before he and his den were “advanced” from Wolf to Bear. How do we go in and enter the award for him. At this time, the only thing we can do is enter it with the Bear requirements. Looking for direction on this.


Go to the Scout’s membership page. Put an End date on the Bear membership and remove the end date from the Wolf membership. After saving the Wolf membership go back to it and check the Approved check box. You an then mark the award complete. After this is done, put the end date back in the Wolf membership and remove it from the Bear membership.

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If I end his Bear membership, he will no longer have a membership in the unit. Will I still be able to access him to add the Wolf membership? I just want to make sure before I put the Scout out to pasture.

All set, I got it to work… Thanks.

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