Cub Scouts: AOL has Adventures marked as Started with NO Requirements Completed


AOLs have the following marked Started with no requirements completed: Outdoor Adventurer, Into the Woods, Into the Wild and Engineer.


started just means they have been opened really

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Donovan it is on all AOLs and I just found it on ALL Tigers’ requirements and none of those have been “opened” prior. More to the point when I do open them and scroll to see what they have completed, [when I close out the “Started” is removed].I just retried the and it now will not repeat the removal.

Wait, I did get it to work on the next Tiger. Also, note the top of the Rank Requirements says “Not Started”. This is another bug, I went in and added a completion for Bobcat which did change it to Started and the Rank Requirement should have switched that to Started, but no change. Also, this is actually related to the fact that this Tiger completed an elective and at the Top of the Rank Elective it still says not started. Should this be another bug?

the “not started” at the top right is really more of a not-useful legend.
It simply means if something is greyed out it means “not started”. If anything the greyed out “not started” at the top right should just be deleted in my opinion. Legends are useful if all possible terms are included (they aren’t), and legends are useful if the legends doesn’t identically match what it’s trying to describe (it matches other “not started” instances).

Thanks, Steve, in a past career I was a senior project manager Implementing and training for a medical software company. I would chase bugs all day long, and try to get them to our programmers to fix them. I would love for there to be a training that we can attend for Scout book plus, I advocated for it at our last roundtable. Willing to help some of the leaders that have been with the original Scout book and concerned about switching over.

I actually really like the fluidity of it. I just feel like there’s a lot of patching, and there needs to be more rigorous testing. But that’s all software.

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