Scoutbook Plus: "This Advancement has no requirements"

Good morning,

After entering adventure completions for the Scout’s that attended our Council’s Cub Scout Day Camp, my son’s profile has an issue I can’t resolve.

When I attempt to access his advancement details in Scoutbook Plus, whether to add an adventure, or simply to see his progress towards, AoL, it shows “requirements.status.null” in his advancement progress, and “This advancement has no requirements” for the 2024 AoL advancement.

This looks to me like a database glitch specific to my son’s entry. Can anyone help me with this?

I’ve already tried toggling back and forth between the old/new requirements, which provides a helpful error and then suggests I switch to offline mode.

This happens in both Safari and Chrome.

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@JeffJohnston1 this is a know bug reported last week

Encountering this too on our Arrow of Light scouts. Leaves our AoL scouts unable to enter any sort of advancement. Very disappointing that this absolutely basic case is DOA.

An ETA for the fix would be great, @DonovanMcNeil

As has been noted many times before, the BSA doesn’t provide public estimates for bug fixes or feature releases. Even if SUAC members know, they couldn’t says anything due to NDAs in place.

@KevinWorth there is no ETA other than it is a top priority.

depending on the Units situation there are 2 main options listed in other Threads.

If just turned AOL - then QE seems to work fine (sometimes not all scouts are awarded but that is another top bug). OR You can also add /adventures after the number in the url to get to adventure page and then click Show ALL ADVENTURES.

If you are trying to wrap up last years scouts that is a different matter and there are various solutions.

Thanks for the quick replies. I realize ETA can be hard to give for software, but glad to hear this is a top priority.

I just moved our Webelos dens up to AOL today and from what I can tell two of these scouts seem to be encountering this issue (screenshots below) while others in their same girls’ den don’t appear to have this issue, nor do the members of the boys’ den I checked. Not seeing some obvious+common property that these two have that others don’t.

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I am also seeing this for at least one of my AOL scouts

I am having the same issue with two scouts. On both of them I used the Quick Entry option to enter the adventure. I stopped using that option and no other Scouts have been an issue. I hope this issue is addressed quickly. It impacts recognizing these scout’s accomplishments in a quick timeline.

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I have been looking for the threads on this particular issue. I cannot find them. Can you give me a name of the thread or a date? Thank you.

I am having this issue with most of my AOLs and my Wolfs!

I am having the same issue with one of my scouts turning AOL. I moved him back to our new Webelos den so that it would not grey out, and I was able to get the last couple of adventure requirements recorded and reflected in the percentage completed but I cannot update the completion of the youth protection rank requirements using the same work around and I get the same “This Advancement has no requirements” page that others have described and shown so I am only assuming that the adventure requirements were properly saved based on the change in percentage of rank requirements completed. Is there a work around for marking those so that I can move him back to AOL and start recording the requirements completed this past week.

I am having the same issue with a younger scout - I’ve tried the app, the mobile website on a andriod phone, and regular website in Microsoft edge on a laptop. Once I select the rank, none of the adventures show. and quick entry isn’t an option/doesn’t work either. It was working right up until the 6/24/24 update.

@KevinWorth I will send you a direct message > look at top right Avatar to find it > it will be a green envelope > it will be a private message channel with select members of the Scoutbook User Advisory Council (SUAC)

Looks like it’s fixed now. Yay!

Still having issues for me for at least 2 scouts. :frowning:

@FrankLadolcetta did you try a shift + Refresh? is so what are the scout’s BSA numbers

Shift Refresh (also Ctrl R) does not work. Example member ID = 140402771 and 136453239

@FrankLadolcetta - what browser and OS are you on ?

I was using windows 11 and Google chrome

@FrankLadolcetta take a look again with another Shift + Refresh please