Scoutbook report shows elective requirement started, but it's completed

When I entered another, partially-completed elective adventure, the report changed the elective adventure requirement from “Leader Approved/Recorded” to “Started” on all but one scout. It’s clearly a coding bug in the reports function, but I’m especially confused that it wasn’t consistent.

I don’t see any elective adventure where all but one was set to Started. Which adventure? What does the SB UI say for this adventure for these Scouts?

Of the kids who have only started spirit of the water, it changed the elective requirement for all except the third from the right to “Started,” even though they had already completed the grow something adventure.

I just ran the report again and noticed that only two of the scouts show their elective adventure requirement as “Started” now. Not sure if intentional bug fixing occurred, but if so: Thanks! Also, it’s still not completely fixed.

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