Getting an error that "You do not have edit advancement permissions for any Scouts."

I’m getting the following error when I try to edit the advancements and awards for my cubscouts and I can only manually mark each Rank complete. When I click on the individual adventures, it takes me back to my “Parent” screen where I can only see my kid and not the Scout that I was trying to update. I have checked each Scout on my roster and I have Full Control for all of them but I’m still getting this error and can’t update the individual adventures, only core requirements and top level ranks.

Error Message:

"You do not have edit advancement permissions for any Scouts.

Go into the Connections in each Scout and make sure you have Full Control or Edit Advancement permissions and make sure the Scout is approved (green checkmark visible)."


Are you using Scoutbook ( or Internet Advancement (

Internet Advancement has a dropdown menu in the upper right that lets you select the role you are using. It sounds like you are using IA and have your role set to Parent not Cubmaster.

No, I’m using Scoutbook ( That message comes up on the “Quick Entry” screen where I should be able to choose the Scouts, and if I click on any of the adventures under the ranks under the Scout it takes me back to my dashboard.

I was able to use IA to approve and award all the adventures, but I still cant get to the adventure requirements in Scoutbook. Probabaly not a huge deal in the grand scheme of things. Between the two web pages I was able to get all the records caught up. It just seems Iike something odd is going on in Scoutbook.


Go to your unit roster, click on your name then your positions. Open your Pack Admin role and click Update without making any changes. This should reset your admin role and things may start working again. DO NOT do this via your My Account page, it only works from the roster page.

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@JonathanPauley - I gather that all of the scouts are in the appropriate dens ?

That did the trick. Thanks!

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