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I often look on Scoutbook to keep track of the training for my Den leaders and Committee member. I still have some working on their training does anyone know what happened to the edit training? I have some that don’t understand fully what training they need and this was really helpful to help them.

All training is tracked by Scoutbook no longer training. It was announced in the March 2019 Scoutbook Update that training would be removed from Scoutbook.

From Scoutbook, they can click Home -> my.Scouting Dashboard (Training) -> Requirements.

At my.scouting, they can click on:

  1. “Menu”
  2. “My Dashboard”
  3. “Requirements” tab

If they have completed the training for their registered position(s), then they will see a “Trained” patch icon. If they do not see the Trained patch, then they should take the courses that are still needed (“Take Course”).

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