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Training not syncing or not available?

I am listed in our Pack as Committee Member and Pack Secretary. Under the training section nothing is checked off. I went to and did the training for Committee Member (CS19) however this has not synced with my Scoutboook Account. Also in Scoutbook under the training section, add training, CS19 isn’t an available course. This listed lessons under Scoutbook for Committee Member is drastically different than what I was trained on in CS19 on the my.Scouting website.

Please advise how I can correct this or how to take the appropriate training to get Scoutbook completed.

Training in Scoutbook is a known issue - the official place for it is - that is why the Direct link from Scoutbook home page to training is now available to you

Good to know. We were hoping to have all of our committee members show as 100% trained in Scoutbook for reporting purposes.

The Scoutbook training reports are obsolete and will be replaced with links to reports in Training Manager at See the March 2019 Scoutbook Update blog post.

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