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I am no longer seeing the “Edit Training” option for our Pack’s Adult Leaders - I can see the “Edit Profile” option and the “Edit Training” used to be right below it. I can confirm I’m a Pack Admin and that I’ve been able to see this in the past (Sync training, etc.). Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


@JimSnow - please see this:

July 11, 2019 Scoutbook Updates

Thanks for the quick reply Stephen, that helps. Can you direct me to where I can read/learn how to look at Adult Leader training? In Scoutbook, I’m trying to determine who has/hasn’t completed YPT and position specific training. Thanks and no rush.

@JimSnow - go to the unit page then reports and near the bottom of the list is YPT status and trained leader reports links.

Got it, I can see 'em, thank you!

Training Manager Reports

There is also a YPT aging report and trained leader report available in the my.Scouting Training Manager tool available to unit key-3 leaders and unit training chair.

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Got it thank you Bill!

Actually…I just tried to run both of the YPT reports and am getting “Authentication Failed (3)” error message. I can confirm my SSO for MyScouting is correct and associated with my Scoutbook profile. I know this is correct b/c I can click on “My Training” in my profile page and it brings me into my.scouting and I can see my past training. Thoughts?