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Current Order of the Arrow scouts

How do I get a report that tells me who the current Order of the Arrow scouts in our troop are? Thank you!

The easiest way is to install the Feature Assistant Extension and use “Show OA Membership Data” under My Dashboard → My Units → Unit Reports


Thank you! I haven’t installed the Feature Assistant Extention… where do I find that?

First, it is dependent on someone having actually updated the scouts’ profiles to reflect their OA membership. Then, you can go to the following: My dashboard > report menu > roster builder manager > new roster rpt. Then select all scouts and show OA info.

Thank you so much for your quick response!

You can get more info here: Feature Assistant - What is it?

This is a key stumbling block for much of the utility of Scoutbook. If folks only update things like rank, merit badges and awards when fully earned (i.e. no incremental data), then Scoutbook is only useful as a records interface. If a unit is on top of getting individual requirements marked completed as they are finished, it makes a lot of the planning uses for Scoutbook (e.g. reporting) more valuable for the leadership, whether at the adult or youth level.


Yes… it looks like we don’t have that information entered. Do I need to go to my council to get a list of OA scouts?

You would probably have your OA rep talk to lodge advisor for a list - and it might be none if they have not paid their OA dues

Got it. Thank you so much. This forum is very helpful.

I would suggest that the dates and honors earned (Ordeal, Brotherhood, Vigil) be entered, even if their dues aren’t paid, so that the OA Unit Rep can chase them about dues and getting active again. There’s a toggle in the profile, IIRC, for whether or not the dues are paid/the arrowman is active.

Your Lodge officers can pull a report showing all members in your unit, and to what date their dues are paid. This should be the only criteria for “active membership.” YMMV

Our lodge dues year runs 1 Jan to 31 Dec (I imagine all do…) so we have just recently gotten this report and then marked all those with unpaid dues as Inactive. You can enter this data in bulk through Quick Entry, Enter OA Member Data

My hobby horse: Once you are a member of the OA, you are always a “Member”, and always entitled to wear the sash and membership emblem (aka pocket dangle). However, you must have a current membership in your lodge to be entitled to wear a lodge flap and be considered “Active”.

In the Wimachtendienk,

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The Lodge advisor can get a report from LosgeMaster of all the OA members in a unit, whether they’re current on dues or not. Your unit OA Rep or OA Advisor can get you in touch with the right person in the Lodge.


If your Lodge has Chapters, the Chapter Adviser can provide you with that information. The easiest way is to have the Chapter Adviser or the Lodge Registrar run a Unit of Excellence Report for your unit that is set to go back 2 - 3 dues years. That will give you everyone who has been an active member in the Lodge for the past 2 -3 years (you can ask them to go back further).

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