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I am trying to run a report for our unit that shows OA information for our scouts - OA status, election date, Ordeal date, etc. I tried using Roster Builder but here were no check boxes for these items specifically and the “OA info” check box output "bad " information, unusable data. It just kicked out a yes for some scouts that were in OA, but not all. No other specifics that we are looking for.

Is there a way to create a report like what I am trying to do other than manually looking at the Profile for each scout/Scouter?


The Feature Assistant Extension for Scoutbook has a report called “Show OA Membership Data”, but I think it only shows that information for youth – not adults.

And is only if OA data is in scoutbook.scouting.org

Thanks. I have the data entered in to Scoutbook, just looking for a way to easily produce a report. We have several scouts that have been elected but not completed Ordeal and want to track this since there is a time limit.

I will look into the Feature Assistant Extension. I have not done anything with any of the extensions to date.


Scoutbook does not track that information but it is available from your Lodge. I would suggest that you try contacting either the Chapter Adviser for your OA Chapter or your Lodge’s OA LodgeMaster Administrator. There are several reports that they can run which will give you that information. The report that probably will be most useful would be to request a membership roster for your Troop that has been filtered for multiple dues years (I suggest including 2022 and 2021) and to include “Non-Dues Paid.” That will pick up all of your active members plus those that are not current on their dues and all of the candidates for your Troop.

I hope this is helpful.

Yours in Service,

Chuck Olson
Unit Relations Adviser
Egwa Tawa Dee Lodge

Reaching out to the lodge is good advice. I’d say the Scoutbook can track OA information if you enter it, though. You have to edit each person’s profile to add the date they were elected, and the date of their Ordeal/Brotherhood/Vigil ceremonies, as appropriate. The first is relatively easy to track, since units know when the unit OA election occurs. :^) Tracking the others (as part of liaising with your unit arrowmen and the chapter/lodge) might be a good task for your OA Unit Rep. Unfortunately, the Rep can’t directly enter the info in Scoutbook, but could report it at the PLC meetings for the SM/transmission to the committee who can then update the relevant profiles.

I’m hoping that greater interaction between LodgeMaster and Scoutbook is forthcoming so that the relevant OA data automatically populates.

I’ve been discussing that with Mike and Chadd. They have indicated that on the OALM side, the ability to interface is there but that it probably will be a while before SB will be ready.

I keep the OA info up to date in SB for my unit, but most of the units in my Council don’t based on the number of requests I get each year from units for OA membership/candidate data.




Thank you both. I have been entering and keeping u with the data in Scoutbook on the profile pages. We have a few that have not completed their ordeals yet and want to be able to track that timer. I haven’t looked into the extension mentioned above yet, but likely will. We have all the data, the best I can tell, was just looking for an easier way to run useful reports on the data.

Chuck, fellow Egwa tawa Dee alum from the late 80s here, now in Chattahoochee Lodge.


The reports that are in OALM that probably will be useful would be the Unit of Excellence report (set to 5 years) or a unit membership report with advanced filtering to show multiple dues years and “include non-dues paid.” Even if your lodge is actively archiving candidates after 24 months, it will still show the status of all of your members and current candidates.

Also, if you’ve got good contact with your chapter/lodge adviser, in OALM they can pretty easily pull a list of “Ordeal Candidates - Remaining” under the “Members” tab (based on a given time frame), then filter it by unit number and export it as needed. That will include their election date, so you can easily identify when the clock “winds down” for each of their candidacies before they would need to be re-elected.

Reaching out to the adviser has the advantage that the adviser can also tell you when the next ordeals are scheduled (if that hasn’t already been published). With that info far enough in advance, your unit could potentially consider for “re-election” at the upcoming OA unit election any scouts who were previously elected but whose “timer” would run out prior to the next available ordeal. This of course assumes that the scout(s) would still be eligible for election based on the two year period preceding the upcoming election.

@JonathanKing1 I just remembered that unit Admins can go to the main unit page (in Scoutbook) and Export / Backup → “Scouts/Members” and “Leaders & Parents” files, which has Order of the Arrow information (with dates). It’s not a report, but it has the information you are looking for.

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Yup… data export is your friend…