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With the new change coming up where everyone is going to pay BSA directly for their memberships, as a troop it is going to be difficult to know who to assess the troop membership fee. Also now Merit Badge Counselors have to be paid members. I assume that MBCs, since they will now be paid members, will show up in the list of Adult Leaders?

I assume that if I generate a report of all Adult Leaders this will give me a list of everyone who is currently a BSA-Paid member?

In other words, if someone neglects to pay their BSA dues, they will drop off the list of Adult Leaders?

This is a policy question and needs to be directed to Council

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MBC is a district or council position. Unless they are registered as a leader in your unit as well as MBC, they do not currently and will not in the future appear on your lists.

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Well, parents who are not leaders but are MBCs will show up in the list if you check the option for “Show Merit Badges”.

Anyway, my fundamental question here is, how can I generate a list of all paid Adult Leaders, MBCs, and Scouts.

I’m just trying to figure out how to use Scoutbook to generate a list of paid leaders, MBCs, and Scouts.

There is not, to my knowledge, a way to show that in Scoutbook. Your official roster at my.scouting only shows who is currently a registered leader or scout in your unit, and this would not include adults who are only registered as MBCs (since that’s not a unit-level position even when they only counsel within one unit). It also (now) shows when their registration expires. You could probably extrapolate from that who has/hasn’t paid recently, but it’s not as straightforward as I think you’re looking for.

OK, setting aside MBCs, is there a way to get a list of all paid Adult Leaders and Scouts?

I’d assume if they show up in the roster then they are paid members? And if you don’t pay I assume you drop off the list?

Like I said in my post, the official roster at my.scouting says what the expiration date is. Scoutbook in my experience has (at least historically) had a grace period to account for delays in processing the re-charter/re-registration. Councils have gotten official instructions on how this all works (or so I’ve been told), which is one reason to do what folks have recommended and reach out to your council professionals directly.

Hi @StevenSheldon,

The unit roster on My.Scouting has the official list of paid members. Below is snip of the header area of the roster list and a snip of the filter options. The second line of filter options were added on August 01 with the update of the membership system. Next summer some of the filter options will be useful.

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Hi Doug,

Is this different from the unit roster in Scoutbook?

How do I get to that unit roster you are showing in my.scouting?

Steve Sheldon

I’m not very familiar with the scouting hierarchy outside of our troop. I have no idea who I would talk to at “council”.

We just had our committee meeting tonight and we are hashing out how to collect troop fees now that going forward people will pay their fees directly to BSA. We will have to find out who is a BSA-paid person so that we can then assess them troop fees. Apparently these questions were asked of “council” and they don’t know the answers either.

I had the idea this would be a simple Scoutbook question - generate a report of all paid adult leaders and scouts.

Sounds like it might be something you can generate through my.scouting?

Yes and no. The key point to keep in mind - from all the (little) documentation I’ve seen so far - is that most of the changes are not taking place until next spring.

New scouts and leaders who register now are paying their fees directly to national. (Which has been the case for the last 2ish years.) When your unit recharters, they should show up as pre-paid. The only difference this year is that they won’t be paid through the end of next year… just 12 months from when they registered.

For everyone else in your unit, it sounds like recharter this year will happen as normal (well, as normal as it has been for the last 2-3 years with the new system). Individual renewals won’t start until after 3/1 at the earliest… and for most people, that won’t be till Dec 2024 (assuming your unit has traditionally rechartered in Dec).

But as Donovan said, you need to check with your local council to confirm, as there are differences across the country.

I should add, given that we are currently in transition… and most of the changes won’t take effect until the spring… we’re likely to see several new reports become available over the next year to help keep of member renewals.

And given that the recharter system is already setup to show who is renewing and needs to pay, who has prepaid, and who a unit is dropping, for this year, it should be the same process your unit is familiar with. And then next year’s renewal will change things up.

For more details, you can check out the August 4th Cub Chat where they discussed “Changes to the BSA’s Fee Structure

I think it’s simpler than you are making it out. If your Charter expires 12/31/23 Anyone who joined as a new member after 8/1/23 will have paid for 12 months, and you won’t need to collect from them. You’ll be charged for everyone else.

Key 3 can access the roster - that is official roster

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@StevenSheldon - simple in my mind… everyone owes money to National and the unit

We still have to collect troop fees from them, though. I think that is the big question.

When troop recharter time comes up, because everyone is now “on their own” paying their BSA fees, the troops will have to have an accurate list of all current paid adults and scouts so that they can then assess the troop fee.

But also, we will have to know at any given time who is a paid member or not so that they will be allowed to participate or not. So before every troop activity, you’ll have to have an accurate current roster of paid members to check against the signup list.

simple in my mind… everyone owes money to National and the unit

Yes, the problem is how does the unit find out who owes them money?

It sounds like from Donovan that the Key 3 can access our official roster from Presumably, this official roster is all paid adults and Scouts.

Another thing that occurs to me is that since going forward people can join/recharter at any time, this means that people can expire at any time.

So prior to every campout, we will need to generate an official roster and check it against the signup list to verify that everyone who has signed up is still a paid member. Is this right?

@StevenSheldon - scouts and leaders have always been able to join at any time during the year the only difference will be no more pro-rata membership fees.