Current Status - Pending Acceptance

Is the “Pending Acceptance” pending the pack’s acceptance or pending some kind of applicant’s acceptance?

I’m CC, so if it’s the pack’s acceptance, how do I accept the applicant? I see REASSIGN and DO NOT ACCEPT buttons. I do not see an ACCEPT button.

@DavidO Is this for an adult leader?

The Chartered Org. Rep. is the only one who can accept adult leader applications. (However, the COR can also use the Position Manager to designate a COR Delegate.)

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Yes, thank you. ROOKIE CC. Forgot to mention that part.

Just a recommendation, maybe update the wording to “Pending COR Acceptance” which would help clarify it for newbs. Appreciate y’all. It’s awesome to be able to do it online and see where it’s at in the process.

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That would be good as the person would know who to go talk to. I bet, though, they use the same code for other positions (such as district positions) that don’t have a COR.

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And youth, which the CC or unit leader could accept.

I suspect you’re right. But it’s certainly not an ideal design, from the user’s perspective.

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It’s not programmatically difficult to have it indicate who would be the next person to touch it, based on the role or type of application.

  • Pending Acceptance - Key 3
  • Pending Acceptance - COR
  • Pending Acceptance - DE
  • Pending Acceptance - whoever else approves applications

But in this case, it’s just a regular adult application to a pack. I’m not even sure how you’d apply to district positions. Do you still have to be associated with a unit?

No, you do not need to be associated with a unit. They can give you a direct link to apply. It hasn’t been the most robust of you are already a MBC.

There some odd combos like scouts could be approved by key 3. You can require adults to take a “stop over” at CC, etc. So it is a bit more than a simple pick list.

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@ Charter Organization Representative (position code CR)

My understating is that the CR position is a unit key-3 leader, and automatically a member of the district committee. There are also elected district members-at-large. CORs can contact their district chair to learn more about their district. Basic training is also available at the BSA® center.

Bill - I don’t understand what you are getting at. We are talking applications. Not all online applications are unit applications.

Everything previously mentioned is valid. Another reason not to see an accept button is they have not completed Youth Protection Training yet.

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