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We recently had a new parent complete their registration and I was wondering why I don’t see it in the application manager. I am a key3 delegate and was working towards the recharter. I was hoping that this application would show up in my troop’s approval queue.

It has been 2 days since the application was initiated and I haven’t seen it yet. Can someone help me out with this? How would I get this resolved?

@MadhukarGundamaraju - was this a parent registering as an adult leader? If so they are in the COR queue for approval and not a delegate.

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Adults are only approved electronically by COR delegate or COR. Not CC, SM, or key 3 delegate.


While that is true, other key 3 (delegates) and the registration inquiry role can still see them.

Yes. And comment. Also, if your unit sets it up, the CC may need to lather, rinse, pre-approve.

There’s a chance they applied to the wrong unit. I’d give it until Monday (since all the professionals are off anyway), and then ask your DE and council registrar if they can see it.

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Thanks everyone for your response to this matter. I just found out that the application is still pending BSA Review and approval.

Hoping it is set up to come to our troop’s queue after that. I will update this thread if it doesn’t show up.

In my experience, I think the BSA review and approval comes after the COR. That would mimic the paper process. Some of that is pretty opaque though, so I can’t be sure if there is a pre and post BSA step (maybe an even just waiting step called that).

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@Matt.Johnson and @Stephen_Hornak, thanks for your inputs.

I will check with our COR and see if they see it in their queue. I was under the impression that the application comes to the troop’s queue and either the COR/Committee Chair/Key 3 delegate has the rights to approve.

I will wait until Monday and see if this gets resolved. It would be good to have this documentation someplace so it is easier for the newbies to understand this process.

@MadhukarGundamaraju - so for any adult registering either via on-line (which does not work in our council) or via paper app… the COR is the one that approves them… period… end of discussion.

And here you go sport:

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While true, there’s nothing wrong with someone else in the unit checking on the status to see if the COR has already approved it or it is ready for them to. Many CORs are pretty hands off and may need to be reminded, but you don’t want to pester them if there’s nothing ready for them anyway.

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@jacobfetzer - yes indeed… but this I think is a question for local council NOT the forums as I recall.

Beyond that I am soooo done with “adult leaders” who do not know who is a registered leader nor who is a Key 3… who is registered and who is not… the BSA can pound salt for all I care…

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Some of it is. @Stephen_Hornak ’s example is the code “source document” for the basis for the system. I too would like a detailed system that really lays out some of the “work flow” or application “life cycle”. Some of the issues with that are that most people don’t do training, let alone read documentation that goes to a deep level. From there, the system is a modern system that has continuous releases. This would take a lot of effort if one documented it at a deep (vs simple) level, only to have to change change on a regular basis.

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@Matt.Johnson - I think it is in end it is the councils and districts that need to train the unit leaders in the entire process and they are not sadly which results in someone like me finally saying enough is flippin enough. The entire BSA system is broken from top to bottom and I honestly can not wait to get the heck away from it to a real scouting program… cause the BSA aint it

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