Custom Advancment Report


I am trying to create a report of all the scouts that did not rank up in the last 6 months. I know how to build a report for the ones that have completed advancement in the troop. I can compare and short out from the two list. I am looking for a more simple way of pull non advancement. Thanks for the help.


@HuanTran well Report Builder has never had a time frame search - the tech from other elements is there. But the second aspect is not simple at all - unless it was just a check box for no rank advancement, that would have to turn off all the ranks basically. Not sure how useful that would be though for the programming time. And in my book that is the scouts job not the units.

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What you could do is use Report Builder Manager to report on the current rank and current rank date (under Settings). After running the report, click the CSV button to export the data to a csv file. Load the CSV file into Excel or Google Sheets then filter the last rank date, selecting a date that ends 6 months ago.


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