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I would like to exclude scouts from reports that do not pertain to them

I would like to run a Target Eagle report that gives me a list of scouts that are Star and above. I do not want to see scouts that are Scout - First Class.

Yes I know I can create this, then export to CSV and manipulate the CSV in Excel. But would be nice to have a check box in the report designer that says, “Do not show scouts that are not this rank and below.”


We have reports for Scouts working towards different ranks on the development backlog. I don’t know when it will be ready.

What I have done is created a report of my Troops that contain only the Scouts working towards a specific rank. As Scouts move up, I manually add them to the next report. Scouts that are not yet First Class are on the reports for all ranks below First Class that they have not achieved. All First Class Scouts are on my Star report, all Star Scouts on the Life report and all Life Scouts on the Eagle report.

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