How to get report of advancement "awarded" in date range

Last May we had some Scouts’ advancement get approved and marked awarded without ever getting onto a purchase report. I’d like to run a report showing what was awarded in a certain date range to capture what was missed so we can get them purchased and actually awarded. I looked at the report builder and other reports in Scoutbook and didn’t see anything like this.



A unit admin can use the Export/Backup function to export the Scout Advancement for your unit. You can then use Excel to sort and filter the spreadsheet to get the data you are looking for.

If these are restricted awards (ranks, MBs, etc.) you will need to clear the Awarded check box in order to put them on a PO and then an advancement report.

Would the scout recognition report also provide that?

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As Stephen mentioned, for troops, there is a report called Scouts BSA Recognition Report. I think it might be called the Pack Recognition Report for packs.

It has an option to search based on date range. For your purposes, you would also want to check the boxes next to: “Include Awarded Within Date Range” and “Include Not-Awarded Regardless of Date Range”

It looks like the pack recognition report will give me what I need. I believe this is a list of the awards approved in that timeframe, which I think will work. Thanks!


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