Custom Report Question - Missing Scouts on report

I have setup a custom report that gives me the list of all scouts in the troop with their respective Merit Badge completion dates. I have selected the following options in the Report Builder

When I run the report, few of the scouts from the troop are missing on the report even though they are active and are earning merit badges. How would I go about getting this fixed?

Seems like those 2 selections are mutually exclusive - @ZacharyMcCarty ?

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@DonovanMcNeil @VinayKashyap I would say that yes, these look to be mutually exclusive with the logic and could be causing the problem by selecting both. I would suggest trying the report with each one separately and see if that produces the correct expected results. If so, the solution would be two separate reports each with the different purpose.

I will have to ask the developers if a union of these is possible to bring the correct report.

@VinayKashyap if you only need Complete Dates neither would need to be checked

@ZacharyMcCarty @DonovanMcNeil - That helped. I’ll update the report settings.

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