Customer Support for Scoutbook?

Is there a way to contact someone about Scoutbook Issues or is this it? There used to be a Scoutbook help email. Now that the BSA is out of the bankruptcy process do you think that will we see better customer support? Don’t get me wrong, the members of the SUAC here are awesome and respond quite quickly with help but… this is still a public forum and I do not want to post personal information here (emails, addresses, names, even Scoutbook IDs) there needs to be a way to communicate some of that information more privately. Does anyone from the SUAC know of any upcoming plans? Who at National might know?

There is no longer direct access for volunteers to support, other then via these forums or via a support request through the local council (whose professionals have a pathway to BSA national support/member care).

The SUAC folks can create a private chat if there is non-public info that needs to be exchanged. Otherwise, the only route for support is via your council staff.

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BSA # and Scoutbook User # are perfectly safe to post - if we need more data from you we have ways to do it privately

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And if the issue is with your account, you just need to state that and not provide a BSA Member ID or Scoutbook user ID. The SUAC has ways to find that data for the poster.


Is there a way to find out who in my council has or should have access to the VST? Is it only the registrar or are there other positions? (The registrar doesn’t seem to think they have ANY access to Scoutbook) Is it possible for a volunteer (like a Council Scoutbook Champion) to get access to the VST or do you have to be a member of the SUAC? How do I privately message a SUAC member with some questions/issues?

@AnnaleisSmith with your asking - we found our tool to look up VST users for councils is broken and we are getting it fixed - once fixed we would be glad to share the info. Most we have seen it is Staff - there are a few volunteers out there too. VST=Volunteer Support Tool

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@AnnaleisSmith ok our tool is fixed - will direct message you your VST list - I will send you a direct message > look at top right Avatar to find it > it will be a green dot with a number 1 > it will be a private message channel with select members of the Scoutbook User Advisory Council (SUAC)

@DonovanMcNeil Could you send me the VST list for the Atlanta Area Council?

Chuck Olson

@CharlesOlson what is the council #?

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