How to report bugs/problems?

They used to use, but seem to have abandoned it.
I often see suggestions of emailing to I tried that a week or so ago, no response.
What’s the proper place/method to get specific help?

(I’ve got a scout whose parent doesn’t have an email in the system, and I can’t edit their profile to add one… I’m COR so I should certainly be able to. Even without the current search functionality being missing/broken, I’ve shot myself in the foot many times making duplicate accounts that I don’t want to just add a new parent account with the email.)

so they have an account in Scoutbook but there is no email??? What is the Scouts BSA #?

Yep, didn’t think that could happen. Here is what I sent to support.

@KevinNickels OK she is set - she has a login that she used for Scoutbook on 8/12

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Regarding this, there are now only two routes for obtaining Scoutbook/IA2 support. The first (and usually fastest) is to post in the forums here. Generally, if it’s something specific to a user, the SUAC folks typically only need BSA ID, so no need to post names publicly. They will also need some details about what the problem is, as well as what steps are needed to replicate the error, if it’s an error in how the system is behaving. If it’s something that requires more detail (e.g. an email, some sort of PII, etc), the SUAC folks will set up a private chat to exchange that information so it’s not in the forums.

The second method, which will inevitably take longer but is necessary for some stuff, is to ask your council to post a help ticket with national IT. Most councils will want you to have made sure it’s not something that can be solved without the national ticket, so your best bet is generally to post in the forums first. The SUAC folks are usually pretty good about promptly redirecting users to their to councils if it’s something that needs a ticket submitted through council.

Councils can also solve issues as long as all MIDS are in their Council with VST (Volunteer Support Tools)


Whatever you did appears to have worked. Thanks!

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