Scout Start Dates

I know this is the wrong place to post this but couldn’t figure out anywhere else to put it. A large number of r Scouts especially younger Scouts no longer have start dates in Scout book for our troop. This is making it impossible for Scout book to calculate OA candidates.

Can someone help us?

@DavidLunsford Start dates are manually entered in the Profile of the Scout - it is not automatic - in Scoutbook with the Extension I think there is a quick entry for it

Scouts BSA start dates can’t be automatically entered because of the way the BSA’s registration works. For example, if a Scout joins the troop on March 31, the start date for the troop would be March 1. Since the Date Joined date is used for OA eligibility, it needs to be accurate.

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Thank you, everyone!!

@DavidLunsford - the key here is to remember that the date joined has to be entered for every scout

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