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Scout can't access Scoutbook or My.Scouting

I have a Scout who believes she is using her correct sign in info, and Scoutbook and My.Scouting disagree. when she tried forgot password? the site tells her that she is wrong about her answers to her security questions.

With the member care gone, do I post this issue here? Is resetting her account something SUAC can help with, or do I have to track someone down at council who can do this?

I am tempted to avoid having anyone besides me (from my Troop) use Scoutbook until the dust settles.

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we might be able to help I will Direct message you - look at top right avatar for message

My wife is having the same issue with Scoutbook and My Scouting - can you help me with how you fixed this issue for others? Thanks!

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Has she tried forgot password? that worked for me today

I am the Committee Chair and I am trying to link to my 2 son’s.accounts I received 2 separate emails stating they (my boys) would like to Connect with me, however, there wasn’t link.

Clearly I am missing something, lol.

When she tries forgot password, she can’t remember the security question answers. She has tried every possible answer she can think of that should be the right answer or variation of the answer, but none of them work.


ok - I am actually writing an email on this now - what are the questions she choose?

The questions were school for first grade and first job. Thanks!

yeah both are troublesome - one day you think dishwasher, one day you think babysitter - On school you think City? School name? what?

Soon Councils should have tools to help

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Learn something new for me - there is a chatbot in bottom right of forgot password page - use it - It will ask PII Questions

We tried the bot, but when we try that, we get an error message : “An error ocurred! Invalid Lambda Response: Received error response from Lambda: Unhandled”

Is there someone who can manually trigger a password reset email to her email?

I am having an issues access my son’s details in scoutbook – error message Program not available and a reload message. Can you please help me to resolve as well?

@PaulaHuntley I will send you a direct message - look at top right Avatar to open it

With Member Care for volunteers no longer available at National, you will need to contact your local council office for assistance. At least one person, depending on the size of the council, has access to reset volunteer passwords and it’s usually the registrar. Please be patient with them because most of the people helping with My.Scouting and Scoutbook issues are still learning how to navigate the backend of the system to help volunteers.

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Hi With Member Care no longer available to volunteers, there is at least 1 person in each council that can reset passwords, merge my.scouting.org accounts. Call your council. They will be able to help you. They can reset the password, so access can happen. Then the security questions can be reset. Takes less than a minute. I do this all the time, now.

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Thank you everyone. With some info that Donovan provided, and the Chat Bot they were finally able to get in!

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