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Please allow us to customize the automatic unsubscribe text in all messages. Some parents have thought this just unsubscribed them from notifications about the event mentioned in the email.


It doesn’t seem to me that will help. Clicking the link takes them to the following.

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Yeah that is pretty industry standard


Agree to disagree. I think it will help, as I have talked to a couple parents that just see “Unsubscribe” and then just clicked “Yes” on the next screen they saw. People don’t read the fine print when they are in a hurry, and the more ways we have to customize the message to our members the better.

While I agree customization could in theory make it better, one issue that has plagued us (units using Scoutbook collectively) recently is blacklisting of the mail servers. If having a nonstandard opt-out message becomes a contributor to ending up back on those blacklists, it will cause more trouble than benefit.

At most, maybe additional emphasis on the word “all” (underscore? color? both?) in the existing opt-out message that @jacobfetzer quoted above could help that part stand out. Still a standardized message, but helps to emphasize the impact.

Frankly, it’s hard to overcome PEBKAC with customized messages. Users (me included) will find creative ways to do dumb things as fast or faster than admins can keep up. A dedicated (and ongoing) in-person reminder campaign with parents might be the most effective way to keep the accidental opt-out rate low.

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If they click unsubscribe and then yes, it very much seems like they, yes, wish to unsubscribe. No?

I can put it in backlog but I can almost guarantee it will never be worked. “unsubscribe” is a huge thing in IT to keep your email flowing with less issues. And letting users customize it is out of the box. That is why no other platform does it. If your users cannot understand it, how can the whole platform of users trust that every admin can write the text in an understandable way?


I do not think allocating dev time to this request has a viable roi. Most users are click happy and that is how malware and viruses succeed.

They wish to unsubscribe from notifications about an event, because they know they aren’t going. They don’t intend to unsubscribe from all scoutbook email forever.

I definitely wouldn’t want to break whatever whitelisting we may have managed to achieve, but customization could occur on the scoutbook confirmation page without affecting that, right?

I think that emphasizing “all” would be useful - all caps, bolded, perhaps?

(I gather you are associated with/an authority on scoutbook in some way, but the “Scoutbook User Advisory Council” link goes to 404 so I’m not sure what it means)

Just curious - is the backlog visible in any way to non Advisory Council members? The management/maintenance/feature roadmap of Scoutbook seems very black box.

On your specific point - I’m not sure I understand what you’re getting at, as many marketing email systems allow custom unsubscribe functionality. (eg Managing Email Unsubscribes - ActiveCampaign) Are you just talking about Scout related platforms?

The Scoutbook unsubscribe function is for ALL email. The only way to be removed from individual event reminders is for the unit to edit the event and remove the individual from the invite list.

I know - that’s why my request is to allow customizable unsubscribe text so I can make it even more obvious that the member is about to unsubscribe from ALL email.

Well one oerson requesting this is certainly not enough to drive the request any further up the chain. I truly doubt it wil, even make a bit of difference in the end.

I have put in a story to make the statement much stronger with ALL and ALL of Scoutbook. You have to understand, we have never had this as a raised issue from any other unit. How many emails are you sending through SB a week?

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Thanks Donovan - I think that will help our users out. We started really using scoutbook in the spring, and the issue has mostly been with the parents in the new fall cohort. My email client shows 18 messages from scoutbook to the troop in the past week, most were reminders for the upcoming picnic, merit badge midway, humane society service event, family campout and CoH. But 7 were comments by parents about the upcoming family campout event. We will have to educate parents to use the RSVP functionality and communicate with their patrol leaders instead of stating their plans as a public message.

I think that those comment emails actually only go to the event organizer person who last edited the event in Scoutbook (or at least they used to). The comments themselves are public, but not (IIRC) the emails.

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Good to know! Thanks.

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