Several NO EMAIL warning

I have had several parents show up in our Pack as NO EMAILS. They did not turn this on and cannot turn it back on. I had this happen to a parent in our Troop as well and it was never able to be resolved (even after posting on here and several admins were able to help). Any help would be appreciated!

It’s pretty common for people to accidentally hit the “Unsubscribe” link in event reminder emails instead of the RSVP link, since the two are quite close together.

The only way of which I am aware to remove this is for the individuals to log on to Scoutbook, then go to their own accounts via Scoutbook → My Dashboard → Administration → My Account → Email

Then, toggle the Messaging opt-out slider to the left (i.e. turn the opt-out off).

@ErinSifuentes - this is completely a user action. They may have clicked on the unsubscribe on a calendar reminder. But not a bug… user issue

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I would tend to agree with you but I know in at least one case it is NOT. She has literally been over my shoulder when we tried to fix it and couldn’t get it to work. This has been a problem for MONTHS with this particular scout.

Now that I see it happening on several in the Pack (at least 3) it makes me wonder about them as well.

@ErinSifuentes - sorry but there is not an action on the part of scoutbook that would do this outside of user action. Sorry not buying it.

Perhaps the user has multiple scoutbook accounts

@ErinSifuentes The issue from May was that the parent (C.H.) was logging in to her Scout’s Scoutbook account – not her own parent Scoutbook account.

I fixed it so that parent C.H. can log in to her own account. Parent CH needs to log in to Scoutbook using the “Sign in with Google” button. She needs to use her Google name (in this case, it is an e-mail – but not Gmail), and Google password. After she logs in with the Google sign in button, then she should be able to turn the “Messaging Opt-Out” toggle off.

Note: SB userID 11775546

@ErinSifuentes If you could provide the BSA member number or Scoutbook user ID of users that you see having issues, we can take a look. (No names, please.)

She has tried that several times to no avail.

@ErinSifuentes Is parent C.H. able to log in at my.scouting?

If so, is she able to go to My Account and switch back to BSA credentials?

I don’t know if she’s tried the route. Go there and log in using the Google sign in (not necessarily using the gmail email)???

@ErinSifuentes It looks like she logged in at my.scouting in July.

I’m asking if she can log in at my.scouting (using the Google sign in button), then go to:

Menu → My Account

and switch back to the BSA credentials (instead of the Google sign in)?

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Ok. I’ll pass it along and let you know.


User ID: 11585007
SB User ID: 11747855
SB User ID: 10126271

SB User ID: 1527352

@ErinSifuentes These all appear to be duplicate Scoutbook account issues. They should be cleaned up now.

Please have the parent with initials C.A. double-check his e-mail address.

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@ErinSifuentes I was able to fix the e-mail opt out toggle for parent with initials C.H.

Could you please check and see if she is still having issues?

Omg that worked!!! Thank you!!! Was it something she did or something else?!

Thanks so much!!!


I don’t know what caused it, but C.H. had the “Messaging Opt-Out” toggle turned on in Scoutbook. I didn’t have the ability to switch it until tonight.