Cub Scout cannot add Second award of Cyberchip

When entering second award of Cyberchip, the previous award date 3/18/2020 is shown. I try to updata the date to current, and an error box appears “Date must be on or before 3/18/2020.” That should be ON OR AFTER.

Why don’t you change the overall cyber chip date instead of one of the requirement dates?

Cyber chip earned 3/18/20, as webelos I. Patch given.

Cyber chip EXPIRES in 1 year. Your rule, not mine.

Cyber chip repeat earned AGAIN 2021, entered 4/29/2021, as webelos II (AOL). Lightning bolt pin for patch should be issued.

1 it’s not really ‘change the date’. It’s really a different award, a repeat, or renewal.

2 the error message says the date I enter for the repeat award must be “ON OR BEFORE” 3/18/2019.

Do you understand now?

There is a logical error in the programming. It should be “ON OR AFTER”. A subsequent award, an annual renewal, CANNOT be BEFORE the original award.

Since your program is broken, I’ll just buy him the lightning bolt off eBay. Our district office is quite particular about bringing the printout.


Kathy Hughes
UHH IT Specialist

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This is how it works for everyone, so they will understand.

Also, the only people in the forums are volunteers. Your use of “your rules” and “your software” is misplaced.

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That is not an error. It says that because that is the date the overall award is marked complete. An individual requirement cannot be after that date.


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