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Cyber Chip and needs purchasing/awarding

I understand that there has been lengthy discussion about how to calculate and track Cyber Chip in the past, but I had hoped with the updates made in February to allow either Cyber Chip or Protect Yourself Rules to be earned towards rank advancement, that the Cyber Chip would appear on the purchasing report if it’s effectively a “recharge”. In my case I have a Wolf who earned Cyber Chip as a Tiger and has now recharged. Previously we had to update the date completed to make it show unexpired in Scoutbook, with the new updates it shows a completion date, but nothing is added to needs purchasing?

Do we still have to track these manually?

As a slight aside to this, if you change to the new requirements after they have had the pamphlet exercises or cyber chip date updated, both settings are wiped out and have to be re-entered. This also has to be re-entered for the Webelos requirement: Be an active member of your Webelos den for three months. The check box and completion dates are removed.

Cyber Chip had been working incorrectly try in the rank requirements (giving credit to Wolves and Bears for work done as a Tiger) for so long that the simplest approach seemed best to actually get it through. There are too many possible combinations to keep the hotlinks. The recharge pin award itself is in the development queue but I don’t don’t when it will be worked. (It’s been there a long time).

From a database perspective, the 2015 and 2019 rank requirements are different entries. So, there’s no easy way to get they ported over. Again, compromises sometimes have to be made to get something implemented. With the end of the scouting year only a couple months away, you might consider sticking with the prior version. Personally, I took and hour of my time to manually update the rank requirements for the entire pack that don’t automatically carry forward as I switched the versions.

I also updated all my Scout’s information to reflect what had been entered. We’ll just keep manually tracking Cyber Chip stuff for now.

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