UC and DC Training Not Showing on Training Report

Help. :slight_smile: All of my newer UCs (that didn’t take an in-person training that took place a year or so ago) are showing untrained and none of their “missing” classes are showing up as “To Dos”.

In addition, I’m having the same problem with my own new role as District Commissioner and I took the entire online training in December.

I know the online modules changed at some point in the past year or two. So, if they took the old requirements before they were registered and then were registered after they changed, that could explain it. I always struggle with reading those training reports.

Thanks! I know for a fact that myself and at least one other commissioner did take the training (myself in Dec 2022 and the commissioner took it in Feb 2023.) That’s the part that is throwing me off, since it’s both within the past few months.