December (after recharter) Transferred in Scout Advancement Syncing issue for Cub Scout

Help! Unable to add advancement to Cub Scout. I get the following message when I click up the scout. " William has not been matched with a Scout in your Units Official Roaster. Please check with your Council" When I click on roaster in Scout Book he is in the roaster. But If I go to Member Manager he does not show up. - We sent in his paper application for the transfer in December. (after we did the recharter).
Internet Advancement he shows up in the Roaster and when I click on him I get this message. UsuerId record not found.
If I try to put his advancements in from Scout book Needs to be set up with advancement sync before you can approve any of his advancements. Any Key 3 member or admin can set up advancement sync for this scout from his account page.
Am I just rushing the paper transfer and I need to wait longer or am I missing doing something? I am new to this so please any help would be great. Thanks in advance.

you need a key 3 to check member manager at to make sure the scout is on the real roster. If so try unapproving SB membership > Saving > then reapproving the membership.

I am one of the key 3 and I did go into Member Manager and at and he is NOT on the roaster in Member Manager. And yes I did try unapproving SB membership >saving>then reapproving the membership. (nothing)

Since the Scout is not on your roster at you need to contact your Council registrar. Scoutbook does not allow advancement to be approved until the day after the Scout is on the official roster.

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Thanks I have already called and left a voice message and still waiting to hear back.

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