Decline approval of adventure

I am the advancement chair. Our Scoutmaster entered archery and slingshot for a scout under Bear when it was supposed to be under Webelos. The Bear adventures are showing up under the pending approval tab. I want to decline approval but that option is grayed out. Do I approve it and then delete it? Also, the Scout he entered it for is his son. Are pack admin not allowed to approve things for their own children? Occasionally I have had to enter things because a leader has trouble doing it. If it is for my own child’s den, can I not approve it?

@AmyJusta - first thing… it is Cubmaster for a pack. I would delete the completed dates on those and then enter them in the correct den level. You can certainly approve for your own youth.*6l6gbr*_gcl_au*MTQxODEzNjkwOC4xNzE4MjA0Njcw*_ga*ODgxNjU1Nzc4LjE3MTgyMDQ2Njg.*_ga_20G0JHESG4*MTcyMDAyNTY3Mi45LjEuMTcyMDAyNTY3Mi4wLjAuMA_ga_61ZEHCVHHSMTcyMDAyNTY3Mi44LjAuMTcyMDAyNTY3Mi42MC4wLjA.

And the scouts have to be in the correct den level - that scout might be in the bear den

I meant Cubmaster . . . trying to do several things at once. Under the 2024 version, I do not see the Bear archery and slingshot on the Scout’s profile page. How do I find it to delete it? If it doesn’t appear there because the Scout is not a Bear, how do I delete it off the pending approval list?

He is listed as a Webelos.

@AmyJusta to find them - - the scout profile URL should look like this > add /adventures >. then on Right side click filter and click All Adventures or Pending

Screenshot 2024-07-03 at 12.04.58 PM

I found it! How do I delete the Bear one? I tried clicking on it and nothing happened.

it should take you to the adventure - I can setup a screenshare to take a look if you want

How do you set up a screenshare? The Scout’s profile is open in another tab on my Chromebook.

@AmyJusta I will send you a direct message > look at top right Avatar to find it > it will be a green envelope > it will be a private message channel with select members of the Scoutbook User Advisory Council (SUAC)

@AmyJusta if it is the old shooting sports - go to Scoutbook (old) > Scout > Awards

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