Deeplink/QRCode for Submitting a lead to a District

While doing district wide recruiting events, is there any way to create a link (and QR code) that goes into the lead system but instead of arriving at a specific unit goes into the the district list for contact and disposition?

The use case is district wide events where each family walking by is from a wide area and it would best to get their contact information BEFORE figuring out which 1-3 units they should request information from. I have found many families fall through the cracks at that friction or are lead to pick a random unit near them that may not be best for joining. (Meeting nights, etc.)

@JoshSteinhurst - talk to your council to have them present the suggestion

We had the same concern when doing district-wide recruiting and decided to use a QR code directing users to the website. It would be ideal to limit to our district’s geographic area, but there are some benefits for Scouting as a whole in just using the generic website. Hopefully your council can generate a suitable QR code for you.

I hear you but that still requires a lead to be in a position to choose a unit. I am trying to ensure we capture their information before they put the phone down in confusion.

What mechanism do I refer to for that? “Please open a XXX ticket” or “Please email YYY”?

@JoshSteinhurst - i would talk to your council professionals about your idea