Invitation Manager - feature request

I’m not sure where to submit this, so if someone can point me in the right direction, I’d appreciate it.

I’d like a status created in the invitation manager of “Engaged” or something along those lines. Right now, there are:
Open - the inquiry is not “closed” or “complete”
Closed - the individual doesn’t join
Complete - the individual joins.

I’d like something that says I’ve responded to the inquiry and I am waiting to hear back from them. I don’t want to mark someone as “Closed” too early, since they may join and they’d actually be “Complete”. At the same time, I don’t need the constant reminders to take action on the lead, or have it appear in the metrics that we took no action for 20+ days as I’ve kept the lead open. Otherwise, I’ll probably just start marking everyone “Closed” 2 days after engaging them.

Just some thoughts, and wanted to find out how to get them to the right people.

@RickHillenbrand might know “the right folks” to pass this along to, but I’d also push it up the chain at council. It’s to the advantage of both your DE and SE to have better granularity on what units are actually doing.

All enhancement requests should be given to your Council folks who are there to work on My.Scouting / Scoutbook / IA2.

Thank you. I’ll work on finding the correct person at council.