Delete Account Request


I need to delete the brand new account I created for my scout so that I can properly invite them to use their already existing account. Can someone help with this?


@JosephMartini I am checking.

@JosephMartini Ask the Scout to try logging in to Scoutbook using his my.Scouting username and password.

@JosephMartini I would recommend checking your Scout’s date of birth. When you created the my.Scouting username for him, his date of birth was different by one day. As a result, the code did not find a match.

If you log into his my.Scouting account now (you might need to log out first), check his DOB. If it needs to be corrected, please contact your local council.

Thanks. I did notice that the DOB was off my one day. Its actually the 11th. But I think I still would like to delete the duplicate account.

@JosephMartini The duplicate Scoutbook account has already been deleted.

I didnt provide any information though so how did you know what his account was? haha. I had my council change his DOB in the system. So can I “invite” him to use scoutbook now?

@JosephMartini You don’t need to invite him, because he already has a my.Scouting username. I would recommend logging in at my.Scouting first, then at Scoutbook.

What exactly is his myscouting username then?

@JosephMartini Is is the part of his e-mail address in front of the @ symbol.

Are you able to jump on a chat or a call to discuss this?

@JosephMartini Yes, I will send you a private message.

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