Accidentally created a new scouter account instead of inviting

While trying to set up the Scouting app on my scout’s phone, I foolishly thought I should first create an account on for him, which I could then link to his entry that I see as a parent on SB. (I now see that I should have sent him an invite link.)

This appear to have created a zombie account associated with his email address that is not a member of any units.

So when I went to click the button to send him the invitation link, I am told that the email address is already being used. I cannot find a way to delete the account I just created. I did try to change the email address on the newly created account, but I still get the email address already being used message.

Is there a way to delete such a zombie SB account so that I can invite my scout to SB the right way?

The SB user ID is 13254502

@JosephCotton1 I guess you misspelled last name too? do you know the Scouts MID or SB ID?

@JosephCotton1 try logging into scoutbook with the credentials you made please

Yes, I mistyped the last name as well. The scout did not previously have a SB ID (as far as I know, since we never created an account for him there.) I just want to remove the SB account that I just created an hour ago, so I can start over the right way.

@JosephCotton1 like I said - please try logging in with the credentials - all should be fixed

Confirmed. Thank you.

email will need to be fixed on the account under Edit profile

@JosephCotton1 once you fix Email tell me and I will push it to the other systems so it all matches - 12819502

I updated the email in the Profile section in for the account so it’s correct there.

@JosephCotton1 I do not see the fix - try it at edit profile of

@JosephCotton1 the email synced itself to all places

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