Delete a Scoutbook Account Mistakenly Created

The other day, I had created a Scoutbook Account for my son to view on his new phone. He already has a Scoutbook Account (having been a Scout for 5 years). Apparently I should have simply sent him an invite so he can access it.

Can you please merge his accounts, or delete the new one?

His correct Scoutbook profile that he uses is:

(removed by Moderator)

Scoutbook ID# 10650436

BSA member ID: 136714979


The one that can be deleted was created yesterday as username: .

Once deleted, I can send him an invite.

Please let me know if you need any additional information from me.

Thank you.

@ShawnNiemann ok Scoutbook is cleaned up - he has 2 logins - the one you listed and a signin with Google - I can setup either one to work - Also I would make sure council has full official name of scout and not a nick name

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