Help deleting child's Scoutbook account


I have the same issue discussed here: How can a boy delete his wrong account in order for a parent to invite him to his correct one?

I have my own account associated with BSA member #13777780. I am trying to connect my son’s account (associated with member #14254345). However, he created his own Scoutbook account yesterday with his email address. Now we need to delete his account so that I can invite him from my account; however, I do not see any way that we can delete his account ourselves.

Can you please help us delete the current account associated with member #14254345 so that I can invite him from my account?

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@BillSacks This should be fixed.

A new BSA member number was created because the Scout’s month of birth did not match.

Thank you for your help!

@BillSacks Please double-check your Scout’s date of birth.

His date of birth is correct when I go to Scoutbook, click on his name, and then “edit profile”. Is there anywhere else I should check?

No, I synced them, so it should be correct at my.scouting, too.

Thank you very much!

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