Delete an event?

I cant seem to find a way to delete an event in the IA calendar. I know right now I can remove it in SB, but once that is gone…

Any thoughts, or what am I missing?

@LawrenceChisholm - in the IA calendar click on the event and there should be a button to edit and to the right of that text is a dropdown with delete as an option

Thank you! I guess I was overthinking it and assuming that you would have to click edit first then find the delete option…

Anyway thanks again

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Developer Recommendation for IA Calendar “Delete” Event selection :

It would be very helpful for the “Delete” selection for create events to have a popup:

“Are you certain you want this event deleted?” YES/NO

Creating events, creating invitiees, RSVPs, and attendees takes some time and can be difficult to recreate. Currently, it takes one click and they’re gone.


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I have passed this on to the developers.

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