Deleted connection to my sons scoutbook account with old Pack

I did something stupid today and deleted my old connections on scoutbook which removed my connection to my sons old scoutbook account (from his previous pack that we just left). The new pack created a new account for him which says he hasn’t done any of the ranks. He started as a lion and now is in Webelos and I would hate to loose all of his work. I don’t know his old BSA number. Is there a way to reconnect and then merge these accounts? Thank you!

Post his BSA Member ID and we should be able to find all of his accounts.

I do not have the old one. I am trying to find something with the old number on it. The new number (new Pack) gave him is 12293739

I should be able to find him with just the new number

His old Scoutmaster just replied. His number is 135495250. Can you merge these two accounts? Thank you


I sent you a private message so we can discuss this in detail. Click on the brown circle with white B in the upper right of your forum window.

I don’t see anything

I was able to add it back. Can you merge the two accounts? Old one 135495250 and the new one 12293739

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