Lost all connections in scoutbook


I registered my 4th child as a lion last week and when I logged back into Scoutbook, I had lost all of my connections and it would only let me add 2 of my 4 kids back in. The SM and CM are unable to add me back into the troop/pack too. Part of the problem (I think) is that we just moved from Longhorn Council in Texas to the Crossroads of the West Council in Utah. When I look at my son’s account (that I can access), it says that he has 3 parents who all have my name. Is there a way to merge these accounts? I only have 1 username and password.

My SB user ID: 13178076
My BSA member ID: 140302574

If you need my kids ID’s I have access to them, but don’t want to post them on here.

Thank you in advance for your help.

Allen Davis

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Looks like it is all your moves - give me a few to clean it up

Thank you! I’m done moving now because I’m no longer in the military, so I shouldn’t have to worry about it after it gets cleaned up this time.

@AllenDavis what is current Council?

@AllenDavis OK - I have AD, CD, and SD as Kids - I do not immediately see a fourth if you have a BSA #

@AllenDavis are you Longhorn?

I just moved from Longhorn to Crossroads of the West. My fourth child’s BSA # is 140302575.

@AllenDavis OK I glanced at kids but not too much it seems like all merged right - if you see missing stuff tell us and we can look again - all should be good now - I suggest you end old positions by putting an end date and then go to connections and clear old connections

Awesome! Thanks for all your help!

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